Now it's getting exciting! We'll let you take a look behind the scenes at meta... In 5 quick steps you'll find out how an order is processed with us. ✔️

▶️ Be there live how absolute feel-good rooms are created! ⭐


#Step 1 - Measurement

What's going on here? ?  So many toilets in the room and no cubicle in sight? The courtyard festival of Deichstadt-Ei is in the starting blocks and for guests and visitors there should be comfortable rooms by May 1st!

▶️Michael, now comes your mission! ◀️

✅ First there is advice on site - the right wc cubicle wall exactly matching the area of ​​application is selected, the color is determined and suitable accessories are selected. ?

✅ Of course we also take care of the measurements to guarantee smooth processing!



#Step 2 - Production

Measurement ✅ Control in work preparation ✅ Control in sales ✅

Now let's get to work! We meet the most diverse requirements of our customers with a highly modern + robot-supported production technology.

Robot ?  + Human ?? =the perfect team ??? 

And that in combination with high-quality materials results in products of the highest quality! ✔️

After the panels have been cut + provided with edges, they are diligently glued and screwed in the final assembly. Then one last check and then everything is ready for packing! ✅?



#Step 3 - Packing

Now it's time to pack the boxes...?All parts are carefully packed and then it's off to the Deichstadt-Ei in Neuwied...? ✔️

You are spoiled for choice... assemble it yourself or through our trained team ?️... Let's see which option Deichstadt-Ei has chosen... What do you think? ?


❗  For all those who would like to assemble their systems themselves, all assembly instructions are available for free download in our download area❗



#Step 4 - Assembly

❗Final sprint❗ Now it's time to build! ?️ And the result is impressive. The installation of our wc cubicles not only ensures an attractive appearance, but also a pleasant feel-good atmosphere! ⭐ ⭐

The big day of Hühnerhof Deichstadt-Ei ? on May 1st can finally come...



#Step 5 - Decrease

And now Alexander comes into play! One last time everything is ✔️tested on site, ✔️measured + ✔️checked and everything is ready for the big day! ? ✔️

We wish the whole Deichstadt-Ei team, guests and visitors a great opening ceremony ?