The Westerwald is known for its lush green valleys and forests ??, airy heights and rocky landscapes ⛰️. ❌ Persistent drought and infestations of bark beetles have caused many trees to die and have transformed the landscape of Puderbach and Steimel into a bare, marshlike region.❌

▶️Forests are important for all of us - as a habitat for animals and also as a rest and recreation area for people ✅. One hectare of healthy mixed forest produces 15-30 tons of oxygen and binds 10.6 tons of Co2 per year.

▶️ The Born country butchery has started a fundraising campaign "Steimel forstet auf". Together with the municipality of Puderbach and PatentWestern, the reforestation was taken up ?.

❗For every 5 Euros donated, the region is supported with a new tree❗

For the company meta Trennwandanlagen, located in Rengsdorf, saving the local forests is a matter of heart ❤️. ▶️For each WC cubicle sold in the month of June, the company supports the reforestation of the forest with a donation.


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