In challenging times such as these, hygiene and protection against bacteria and viruses - in hospitals, schools, industry and leisure facilities - is an important part of our daily routine.

We have developed special solutions in cooperation with our suppliers that provide active protection exactly where it is urgently needed. Our products are a reliable partner when it comes to hygiene.

The SecuSan handle set has a special surface that immediately and permanently suppresses microbial growth. In addition, we offer a latch attachment for all standard lever handle sets, which allows doors to be opened and closed with the forearm.

Our hygienic protective walls offer protection wherever people meet in medical practices, production facilities, authorities and offices. The mobile wall is easy to set up and can be removed without dismantling. 

Hygiene Zubehör Drückergarnituren SecuSan Klinkenaufsatz Hygieneschutzwände