With 29 classrooms, 27 special rooms, 18 workshops and laboratories, 2,400 square meters of greenhouse, fitness studio, restaurant, cafeteria and a library, the "Le Lycée technique agricole" in Gilsdorf (Luxembourg) started the new one with space for up to 800 students School year.👩‍🎓

The traditional high school presents itself as an innovative school that prepares young people for the professions in agriculture. The school benefits from a modern infrastructure that meets the requirements of a perfect training offer

▶️ Even with a visitor frequency of over 1,000 people daily, high demands are placed on the sanitary facilities. ▶️ We are in demand! With over 170 high-quality wc cubicles, we transform all sanitary rooms into feel-good rooms for all guests.🚾🚻

And that's not all - the school's changing rooms now also have 600 new lockers and 80 benches from meta ✔️ Everything from a single source!✔️

Aroused interest? Whether large construction site or small building project - we will find your individual solution. Request your personal offer now!


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