Privacy screens

Apart from offering privacy, privacy screens also have a positive effect on hygiene. The materials, colours and designs used for our privacy screens are perfectly matched to our cubicle systems.

Wall-mounted version

Our proven standard is a privacy screen with four aluminium powder-coated mounting brackets. Since it is wall-mounted, the floor is unobstructed, making cleaning easy. Dimensions: 400 x 900 mm.

The following panel materials are available:

  • 30 mm solid particle board with laserTec edges (recommended for Cubicle System 30 RW, 30 FT and 40 FB)
  • 24 mm waterproof PU panel with double-sided 3 mm laminate covering and laserTec edges (total panel thickness: 30 mm, recommended for Cubicle System 30 NR and 30 FN)
  • 13 mm HPL panel with profile milled edges and rounded corners (recommended for Cubicle System 13 FP and 13 RF)
Privacy Screens 30 and 40
Series 30 and Design 40
Privacy Screen Series 13
Series 13

Standing version

Apart from a wall mount, the standing privacy screen also has a floor stand that is perfectly matched to the respective cubicle system. This design is the ideal choice if the emphasis is on stability. Dimensions: 500 x 1850 mm

The standing privacy screen is available in the same materials as the wall-mounted version.

Cubicle system Privacy Screens Series 30 and Design 40
Series 30 and Design 40
Cubicle system Privacy Screen Series 13
Series 13

Frosted glass version

Our frosted glass privacy screen meets the highest hygiene, privacy and safety standards. We use a safety glass composite that is also used by the automotive industry. For this purpose, a tough elastic and tear-resistant film is placed between two glass plates. Then the layers are joined together in an autoclave during a multi-step process.

The result: A glass pane with unique properties. High stability, very little risk of injury should the glass break and - of particular importance for sanitary facilities - it is very easy to clean, since the surfaces are absolutely smooth on both sides. Dimensions: 400 x 900 mm, wall fixture with four powder-coated aluminium mounts.

The glass privacy screen is perfectly compatible with all meta cubicle systems.