Product overview

Cubicle System Series 30

Suitable for hotels and restaurants, administrative offices, medical practices and other locations where the emphasis is on functionality.

Cubicle System 30 series
Cubicle System 30 RW: The affordable system for all dry areas
Cubicle System 30 NR series
Cubicle System 30 NR: The waterproof cubicle system with a classic design
Cubicle System 30 FT series
Cubicle System 30 FT: An affordable and elegant system for dry areas
Cubicle System 30 FN series
Cubicle System 30 FN: A cubicle system with a flush design, suitable for wet areas

Cubicle System Series 13

Ideal for heavily used wet areas, e.g. swimming pools, schools, industrial undertakings and other environments where the emphasis is on robustness, durability and impact resistance.

Cubicle System 13 RP series
Cubicle System 13 RP: An indestructible cubicle system that can withstand even the the toughest conditions
Cubicle System 13 RF
Cubicle System 13 RF: An extremely robust system with a sleek design for wet areas

Cubicle System Design 40

Suitable for all dry areas with upmarket fittings and locations with an emphasis on presentability.

Cubicle System 40 FB series
Cubicle System 40 FB: An elegant cubicle system that satisfies the highest demands

Cubicle systems for kindergartens

Suitable for young children. Here, the focus is on safety, robustness and hygiene.

Cubicle System 30 KG
Cubicle System 30 KG: An affordable and safe cubicle system for kindergartens
Cubicle System 13 KG
Cubicle System 13 KG: The indestructible wet area cubicle system for kindergartens

Lockers and seat benches

Our versatile range of lockers and bench seats: Changing room lockers, staff lockers, valuables lockers, cloakroom benches, changing room benches, seating benches

Changing room lockers
Locker 19 TS: Affordable and suitable for dry areas
Staff lockers
Locker 13 BS: Ideal for wet areas
Changing room benches
Benches with hpl seats vailable in a variety of designs for all areas of application
Benches BF
Benches with wooden plates in various versions