7 good reasons for using meta cubicle systems

1. We offer the best price/performance ratio

Thanks to our state-of-the-art production technology, optimised business processes and the unique laserTec procedure, we manufacture more efficiently and thus more cost-effectively than our competitors. These cost savings are passed on directly to our customers.

2. We produce in the highest quality

As supplier of nearly 300 motorway service stations and over 40 correctional facilities, we are acutely aware of the extreme demands made on cubicle systems. That is why our quality control includes intensive endurance tests for many of the construction elements. For example, all of our cubicles are fitted as standard with high-quality stainless steel hinges that can withstand many million closing cycles without wear. But we also use the highest quality for all of the other elements, such as the panels, edges, profiles, support legs, etc.

Indestructible 3-rolls stainless steel hinges
Indestructible 3-rolls stainless steel hinges
Low quality plastic hinge. It will wear quickly and is not vandalism-proof.
Low quality plastic hinge. It will wear quickly and is not vandalism-proof.
Seamless edges, precision-welded using the laserTec procedure.
Seamless edges, precision-welded using the laserTec procedure.
Conventional edging strips
Conventional edging strips. Over time, the edges can come off, allowing moisture to enter and causing the panels to swell
Attractive softline profile
Attractive softline profile.
Amateur DIY quality
In contrast: A "rustic" amateur DIY solution.
Height adjustable support foot with robust nylon cover.
Height adjustable support foot with robust nylon cover.
The support foot of a cheap supplier
A daunting contrast: The support foot of a cheap supplier. And a matching sharp-edged profile protrusion.
meta wall connection
meta wall connection
An unsightly wall connection
An unsightly wall connection

3. Everything is custom-made

Made in Germany cubicle system

Each of our cubicle systems is custom-made - at no extra charge. This is because all of our orders are individually manufactured in Germany with millimetre precision. Our just-in-time production procedure allows us to do without inflexible standard parts. This saves storage costs and ensures the shortest possible turnaround times.

4. Permanent quality control - dual control principle

High quality cubicle systems

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. In order to ensure this, each order is subjected to a thorough and meticulous final inspection. The dual control principle is applied at all the important stages of the production sequence, right up to delivery. In this way, any mistakes are corrected as soon as they are made. And you, the customer, are supplied with a perfect product.

5. We work around the clock

Punctual delivery

Our cubicle systems are manufactured in 4-shift operations, i.e. virtually around the clock. This allows for the shortest possible delivery times that are unparalleled in our industry. While some competitors need several weeks to process an order, we will deliver your order after 24 hours. Our delivery reliability is also first class: 97% of all orders are delivered on (or before) schedule.

6. More than half a century of experience

Historic photograph - meta cubicle systems

meta manages to gracefully combine tradition with innovation. As a family-run enterprise, we can look back on 50 years of cubicle system experience. Since the founding of our company in 1965, we have continuously improved the design and manufacturing process of our products and continue doing so to this day. Often, this experience is reflected in the many small details that distinguish us from other manufacturers, such as the door hinges or the cross-sections of the aluminium profiles. Even in the case of a mundane product like a cubicle system, that which matters most is (sometimes) invisible to the eye.

Front-end mounting of the door hinges
Front-end mounting of the door hinges. The high-precision drill hole is 25 mm deep, thus offering maximum stability
Highly optimised profile cross-sections
Highly optimised profile cross-sections provide a much higher stability and torsional stiffness for the material.
Optimum fastening
Optimum fastening: The hinge mountings are not visible when the door is closed and do not disturb the cleaning of the panels and profile surfaces.

7. Modern production methods using the latest technology


At our company, computers and robots do not take away jobs, but are part of the team. In the manufacturing process, they carry out the strenuous and monotonous work tasks. This keeps our employees healthy and ensures the quality and dimensional accuracy of our products. meta has the most modern production facility for cubicle systems in Germany, maybe in the entire world. And we are working hard to keep it that way. A recent example: The edges of the Cubicle Systems 30 and 40 are not glued, but precision-welded with lasers. The laserTec procedure makes the surface and edge appear as if produced from a single mould, and makes the edges much more robust and moisture resistant.