Cubicle systems for clinics, medical practices, massage practices, hospitals, nursing homes, sheltered workshops

Cubicle systems for hospitals

Ever since the Viennese doctor Ignaz Semmelweis discovered the importance of disinfection back in 1840, we are aware that proper hygiene is a matter of life and death in the health sector. This not only applies to medical equipment, but also to equipment in laboratories, medical practices and patient rooms. Of particular importance in this regard are smooth surfaces that are non-sensitive to cleaning agents, and the avoidance of adverse edges and corners where dirt can accumulate.

In the past few decades, MRSA bacteria (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) in particular have posed a problem. These bacteria are resistant to many antibiotics and therefore very difficult to eradicate. Apart from transmission through direct contact, contaminated surfaces also contribute to the transmission of these pathogens.

That is why we recommend our Cubicle System 13 RP or the Cubicle System 13 RF for these areas of application. The hanging variant without obstructing support legs has the additional advantage that it makes floor cleaning easier and thus even more thorough. In addition, we recommend a one-hand locking system out of aluminium or stainless steel, which further reduces the contact area and thus the risk of infection for users.

Staff toilets that are only used by medically trained personnel can safely be fitted with the Cubicle System 30 RW.

Price comparison

All of our cubicle systems are manufactured with millimetre precision and are tailor-made according to your individual requirements. The exact price for your system depends on various factors and is, therefore, calculated individually. However, in order to offer you a general guideline on how the prices of the various cubicle systems compare, we have compiled the following overview, which shows the price range for a standard 3-cubicle system with 2 partition walls, including delivery and assembly.

WC-Trennwand Preise

Are you looking for even more savings? Then how about assembling it yourself!