Find a suitable cubicle system

Find a suitable cubicle system for your particular environment. We offer recommendations on what cubicle systems are most suitable for your particular area of application.

Application area by sector

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Cubicle systems for pubs, bars, clubs, public houses
Pubs, bars, clubs, public houses
Cubicle systems for restaurants, hotels, gastronomic establishments, museums
Restaurants, hotels, museums
Cubicle systems for administrative buildings, offices, public facilities
Administration, office buildings, public facilities
Cubicle systems for trade, commerce, industry, production
Trade, commerce, industry, production
Cubicle systems for camp sites, adventure and amusement parks
Camp sites, adventure and amusement parks
Cubicle systems for correctional facilities, psychiatric institutions
Correctional facilities, psychiatric institutions
Cubicle systems for schools, universities and colleges
Schools, universities and colleges
Cubicle systems for kindergartens and day-care facilities
Kindergartens and day-care facilities
Cubicle systems for sports facilities, football stadiums
Sports facilities, sports stadiums
Cubicle systems for swimming pools, saunas, wellness facilities
Swimming pools, saunas, wellness facilities
Cubicle systems for medical practices, massage practices, hospitals, sheltered workshops
Hospitals and medical practices, massage practices, sheltered workshops


Area of application according to room conditions

Application Properties Suitable systems
Dry area

Increased humidity from time to time,
Constant humidity < 70%, there is sufficient ventilation to dissipate the moisture (e.g. window), the mean relative humidity is not significantly higher than in living spaces

See also: DIN VDE 0100-200:2008:2006-06 definition for "Dry area", Section NC.3.3

Cubicle System 30 RW
Cubicle System 30 FT
Cubicle System 40 FB
Wet area

An interior space, in which large quantities of moisture accumulate, making it necessary to drain the water through outflow channels, rooms in which the floors or fittings must be sprayed down with water

See also: DIN VDE 0100-200:2008:2006-06 definition for "Wet area", Section NC.3.5

Cubicle System 30 NR
Cubicle System 30 FN
Cubicle System 13 RP
Cubicle System 13 RF