Cubicle systems for kindergartens

Kindergartens, day care centres and similar facilities have special demands on cubicle systems. Of course, safety comes first. For this reason, all of our cubicle systems for kindergartens are designed to minimise the risk of injury: Rounded corners and profiles, safety grips and finger trap protection keep the children safe from harm. A maximum ground clearance of 89 mm is prescribed by law. This prevents the children from climbing underneath cubicles or getting stuck.

The robustness of the system is another important factor that needs to be considered. In a kindergarten environment, cubicle doors are often slammed or used to swing around on, and the toilet roll holders are sometimes used to stand on - the "creative destructiveness" of children is nothing short of amazing.

Last, but not least: Easy cleaning - another definite advantage, because hygiene requirements in kindergartens are significantly higher than in most other areas of application. Due to their untrained immune system, children are particularly at risk. Many diseases are transmitted by droplets or smear infection, which makes toilets and wash room facilities the biggest hazard for small users. For this reason, the meta cubicle systems have been designed for easy cleaning.

Cubicle System 30 KG
Cubicle System 30 KG: An affordable and safe cubicle system for kindergartens
Cubicle System 13 KG
Cubicle System 13 KG: The indestructible wet area cubicle system for kindergartens