Cubicle System 40 FB

The Cubicle System 40 FB has a high quality design with maximum functionality and elegance.

It consists of a 40 mm thick composite particle panel with a scratch- and abrasion-resistant 1 mm HPL laminate covering. Its flush design without protruding edges or profiles, the rebated doors with solid wood edging and an almost unlimited repertoire of colours and surfaces make the 40 FB the flagship of our cubicle systems. Suitable for representative dry areas.

Standard features of this cubicle system include handle sets out of robust and hygienic nylon. Each door is fitted with stainless steel hinges that can withstand many million closing cycles without wear. Good stability is guaranteed by aluminium supports with a diameter of 20 mm that are enclosed in colour-matched, crush-proof nylon covers. Also included at no extra charge: A coat hook and a door buffer for each cubicle.

Cubicle System 40 FB
Cubicle System 40 FB in grey. High-quality and elegant.
Cross section of the 40 mm thick composite particle board with wood edging
Cross section of the 40 mm thick chipboard panel with genuine wood edging.

Standard features

Door handle and locking meachanism
23 mm nylon handle set
Stainless steel hinge for cubicle system
3-rolls stainless steel hinges
Stable aluminium support with nylon cover
Nylon hook and buffer
Nylon coat hook and door buffer

Perfection down to the last detail

Edge joint with cover profile
Edge joint with cover profile
Wall connection
Elegant: Wall connection with shadow gap

Design versions

Our cubicle system is available in two heights as per DIN 18100 and DIN 18101. This allows for a design that is compatible with the overall spatial arrangement and door dimensions.

  • System height: 2020 mm
  • Ground clearance: 150 mm
  • Clearance height: 2000 mm


  • System height: 2160 mm
  • Ground clearance: 150 mm
  • Clearance height: 2140 mm

There are different versions that can be used for closing off the cubicles at the top or bottom in order to fully meet your specific design and functional requirements.

Cubicle system without ground clearance
Without ground clearance: The floor mounting underlines the high-quality design
Solid panel top
With solid panel top unit: Prevents climbing over cubicles and allows for a fully lockable cabin, e.g. for the safe storage of cleaning equipment.
Ceiling-high front elements
Full-height front elements: A tasteful design from the ground up to the ceiling