Cubicle System 30 NR

The Cubicle System 30 NR is ideal for all wet and dry area applications.

The system consists of 24 mm thick, high-strength PU-core panels with a 3 mm thick scratch- and abrasion-resistant laminate covering on both sides. The panel edges are protected by 3 mm thick polypropylene edging. The edges are not glued, but precision-welded using the laserTec procedure. This means that they are particularly resistant to moisture and look as if made from a single mould. Styrodur panel inserts ensure optimized weight for large-scale wall elements whilst maintaining a constant stability.

Standard features include handle sets out of robust and hygienic nylon. The doors are all fitted with stainless steel hinges that can withstand many million closing cycles without wear. Good stability is guaranteed by aluminium supports with a diameter of 20 mm that are enclosed in colour-matched nylon rosettes. Also included at no extra charge: A coat hook and a door buffer for each cubicle.

Cubicle System 30 NR
Cubicle System 30 NR in grey. A classic design with visible doorstop profile. For wet and dry areas.
Cross-section of the PU panel of the cubicle system
Cross section of the 30 mm thick PU panel.

Standard features

23 mm nylon handle set
Grip friendly and easy to clean: Nylon handle set
Stainless steel hinge for cubicle system
Virtually indestructible: 3-rolls stainless steel hinges
20 mm aluminium support with height-adjustable nylon rosette
Ensuring stability: Stable aluminium support with nylon cover
Nylon hook and buffer for cubicle system
Nylon coat hook and door buffer

Perfection down to the last detail

Cubicle system: Corner joint with softline profile
Looks good: Corner joint with softline profile
Wall connection
No rivets or screws: Outside wall fixing

Design versions

Our cubicle systems are available in two heights as per DIN 18100 and DIN 18101. This allows for a design that is compatible with the overall spatial arrangement and door dimensions.

  • System height: 2015 mm (2155 mm for the suspended version)
  • Ground clearance: 150 mm
  • Clearance height: 1995 mm


  • System height: 2155 mm (2295 mm for the suspended version)
  • Ground clearance: 150 mm
  • Clearance height: 2135 mm

There are different versions that can be used for closing off the cubicles at the top or bottom in order to fully meet your specific design and functional requirements. 

Cubicle System 30 NR: Floating version
Floating: Here, the support legs are not attached to the front end, but positioned 150 mm inwards. This results in a floating appearance and makes it easier to clean the front end.
Cubicle System 30 NR: Suspended version
Suspended: A 160 mm high cover profile at the top of the cubicle allows for the installation of cubicles with fewer support legs. This means: Obstacle-free cleaning of the floor.
Cubicle system without ground clearance
Without ground clearance: Floor mounting without support legs is suitable for preventing climbing underneath cubicles.
Solid panel top
With solid panel top unit: Prevents climbing over cubicles and allows for a fully lockable cabin, e.g. for the safe storage of cleaning equipment.
Cubicle system with glass top
Acrylic glass top unit: Similar to the solid panel top unit, but translucent. Allows for more lighting flexibility in the sanitary room.