Colour selection

The meta colour concept helps you find a perfect design for your sanitary facility. However, please note that the colours on the computer screen or on the printer may vary significantly from the actual colours. Your meta consultant will gladly advise you and show you evaluation samples on site.


All of our cubicle systems, lockers (in this case only the 13 BS) and changing room benches are available in 12 modern and attractive panel colours at no extra charge.

Cubicle system white
90 white
Cubicle system grey
70 grey
Cubicle system light beige
22 light beige
Cubicle system fango
81 fango
Cubicle system gentian blue
54 gentian blue
Cubicle system graphite
77 graphite
Cubicle system aluminium
95 aluminium
Cubicle system sea green
62 sea green
Cubicle system ruby red
31 ruby red
Cubicle system white pepper
91 white pepper
Cubicle system grey pepper
71 grey pepper
Cubicle system mango
41 mango

Profiles and accessories

You can also choose between eight matching profile and accessory colours:

Cubicle system accessories red
red (similar to RAL 3003)
Cubicle system accessories black
black (similar to RAL 9005)
Cubicle system accessories yellow
yellow (similar to RAL 1021)
Cubicle system accessories ultramarine
ultramarine (similar to RAL 5002)
Cubicle system accessories dark blue
dark blue (similar to RAL 5011)
Cubicle system accessories grey
grey (similar to RAL 7038)
Cubicle system accessories grey
white (similar to RAL 9010)
Cubicle system accessories anodised aluminium
anodised aluminium (profiles only)

Special colours

For the cubicle systems 30 RW and 40 FB, we also offer the following panel finishes for a small additional charge.

Cubicle system panel decor mirror finish white
85 SG mirror finish white
Cubicle system panel decor mirror finish dark grey
75 SG mirror finish dark grey

On request

Our Cubicle System 40 FB can be supplied with a wide range of additional panel finishes and colours (by the company Fundermax). Please do not hesitate to ask us for further details.