Bench seating

The meta bench seating system is ideal for changing rooms and available in designs and colours that perfectly match our locker systems and cubicles. The benches are extremely robust and suitable for use in wet areas.

All the benches of our GA series have a stable and torsion-resistant frame with a 40 mm aluminium softline profile that is either anodised or protected by a particularly high-quality, impact-resistant powder coating. The support legs have robust plastic covers and are height-adjustable. This makes them particularly easy to install, even in rooms with an uneven or sloping floor. Furthermore, the legs can be invisibly anchored to the floor, which prevents the benches from being moved around or knocked over.

The seat areas and backrests of our benches are made out of 26 mm or 13 mm profile milled HPL panels, which are comfortable to sit on and have a softline profile to minimise the risk of injury. The latter is particularly important in schools, swimming pools and all other areas where the benches are used by children or youths.

Design versions

The following pictures show some of our design versions. The bench width is individually determinable. However, please note that several seat areas or backrests are used if the width exceeds 1990 mm.

Changing Room Bench GA 07
Changing Room Bench GA 07: Single-sided seat for wall mounting
Changing Room Bench GA 09
Changing Room Bench GA 09: Double-sided seating for mounting inside the room
Changing Room Bench GA 01
Changing Room Bench GA 02 (a narrower version GA 01 with a depth of 280 mm is also available)
Changing Room Bench BA
Changing Room Bench BA: For wall mounting - this allows for easy floor cleaning
Hook rack with hat hook and double coat hook.
Hook rack with hat hooks and double coat hooks. The hooks are made out of unbreakable 10 mm powder-coated steel. For the highest level of safety in schools and kindergartens.