Benches with wooden plates

These benches are ideal for changing rooms and available in various versions. 

All the benches of our BF series have seats of glulam plates quality landes pine with 2 layers of polyurethane laquer. All types are available with shelf and backrest.

The Profiles are made of steel covered with cured polyester resin.

Design versions

The following pictures show some of our design versions. The lengst of all types is available from 1200 mm to 3000 mm in steps of 150 mm.


Changing Room Bench BF1
Type BF1: front support legs, wall mounting
Changing Room Bench BF2-A
Type BF2-A: Rear support legs, wall and floor mounting
Changing Room Bench BF3-A
Type BF3-A: rear and front support legs, floor mounting
Changing Room Bench BF4-A
Type BF4-A: double-sided, middle and front support legs, floor mounting
Seat bench BF5
Type BF5: Seat bench, floor mounting
Seat bench BF5-H and BF5-S
Type BF5-H: suspended, without support legs, wall mounting, Type BF5-S: front support legs, floor and wall mounting