meta Cubicle Systems - About us

You probably know the usual marketing pitches that a company uses to describe itself: "The employees are held in high regard, the focus is on the customer, the company is striving for continuous improvement, etc." These statements are valid, of course, but these principles should be a matter of course for any company. Just like a human being, a company has certain distinguishing or unique characteristics. We have tried to summarise what makes meta so unique.

We are enthusiastic about modern technology

State-of-the-art cubicle system production

At first glance, cubicle systems may not seem all that spectacular a product. But if you taker a closer look behind the scenes at the manufacturing process, it almost appears science fiction. This is no coincidence. At meta, we are always open to new technologies and like to try out something new. The adjacent image, for example, depicts the control centre we developed and built ourselves - the navigating bridge of our own "Enterprise". From here, a single employee can monitor and control the entire manufacturing process.

We prefer doing it ourselves

Cubicle system production schedule

We develop most of our operational software ourselves, even for programming and controlling our industrial robots. We choose to use Linux and open source tools for this purpose. This makes us independent from external suppliers and consultants and allows us to change, develop and customise operational processes in the shortest possible time and adapt them to the needs of our customers and employees. All improvements are developed together with the users and implemented directly. This allows for unrivalled agility and flexibility.

We want to offer you the quickest possible service

High-bay warehouse

And the best. For us, our efforts to win over and keep satisfied customers is a sporting competition. As regards speed of service, we have been the undisputed number one for many years. This is also partly due to our high-bay warehouse that went into operation in 2009. While it was necessary in the past to tediously pick the profiles and accessories for an order manually using a "parts list", the parts are now picked from storage automatically by a single click of the mouse. Needless to say, re-ordering and stock-taking is also fully automatic. This leaves more time for our buyers to enjoy the Champions League.

We enjoy working for you

Staff members

Despite all the technology and automation - a company is always a bit like a family, and sometimes you spend more time here than with your real family. That is why the working atmosphere at our company is familial in the best sense of the word: If we encounter problems or need to deal with bottlenecks, we lend each other a helping hand. Discrimination on any grounds is taboo. No-one will ever say "I am not responsible", and "work-to-rule" is unheard of. We also have a very low staff turnover - some of the staff-member families have been working at meta for three generations. This clearly shows how much we enjoy working with each other and for our customers.

We engage ourselves


Each company also has a social responsibility. That is why, in addition to economic success, we also emphasise social commitment. Apart from sponsoring regional sports clubs, we support non-profit organizations and help people who need help. Further information on this topic can be found under meta News.